Here every frame is stealing time

But you don’t mind victimless crime.



Written & Directed by Petya Ivanova, Ciematographer: Branimir Miladinov.
Cast by: Ivan Barnev, Ivan Panayotov, Jordan Bikov, Stefan A. Shterev, Nikolay Urumov, etc.
A short film in production, participating as Fireman 2 (supporting role).

FOURTH ESTATE (2012-2013)

Directed by Stoyan Radev & Dimitar Kotzev-Shosho, Ciematographer: Vladimir Mihaylov.
A TV series on Bulgarian National Television, participating as Christian Neykov (supporting role)

"The Fourth Estate" is a television series, which addresses the clash between power and media, thus showing the many faces of politics and journalism. In the twelve episodes, viewers can trace an actual journalistic investigation, the main protagonists being politicians and journalists, while the plot is based on facts and events, which seem familiar due to the documentary background of many of the discussed plots. The story is built around the life of a newspaper, which endeavours to work by pursuing its own rules for independent journalism in a society overtaken by dependencies. The investigation leads to a clash between the outside and the personal world of reporters and they come to realize that they will have to choose between taking part in manipulation or stand up against it. What happens onscreen repeats life - cutthroat fight for power, dirty political games, hits below the belt, disclosure of information, pressure and desperate journalistic resistance. Illegal wiretapping, espionage, discrediting sex affair evidence, racketeering and scam are genre approaches that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Independence Day (2008) as Nikolay II
Documentary by Hristo Zivkov, Bulgarian National Television

1002 Nights (2001) as Aladdin
TV Talk show, produced by Studio “Belle Epoque” & Bulgarian National Television

Touches (1996)
Musical-Poetical Impressions by Velko Yordanov, Bulgarian National Television

an art form, created by organizing of pitch, rhythm, and sounds made using musical instruments and sometimes singing.

the art and technology of producing images on photosensitive surfaces, and its digital counterpart.

a composition in verse or language exhibiting conscious attention to patterns.